An innovative and top-performing acclimatisation centre

The acclimatisation centre at Villepinte is at the heart of the AMBLARD company’s activity: its strategic location, the performance of its acclimatisation techniques, its large choice of species, its efficient logistics are all extras that seduce clients in search of reactivity and quality. This quality is officially recognised by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Marine Aquarium Council Certifications.

The Villepinte centre in the Paris region is distinguished by :

Its innovative acclimatisation procedure based on a unique and patented technique. This computerised procedure allows a precise and efficient intervention adapted to all of the necessary requirements of animals during acclimatisation. A team of biologists dedicated to specifically look after the health of the animals and plants. Once the species are acclimatised, they are conditioned in patented packaging. Biosecurity is guaranteed by a faultless traceability, then each lot is treated in an independent manner.

An ideal installation, on the site of Paris-Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, which is the largest correspondence and freight platform in Europe.

This location allows the company:

- to receive animals on direct flights without needless stopovers which shortens transport time and therefore avoids mortality due to irreversible lesions caused by ammonia,

- avoid all mortality due to transport hazards (cancelled or late flights, packages lost by airline companies, stocking of animals in the cold etc. …) and to respect commitments in terms of animal welfare,

- to be able to deliver to clients in a shorter time than would be possible if the acclimatisation centre was based elsewhere in France.

The speed and security of transport, necessary for the well being of animal and plant species, are essential components of the work of the AMBLARD company in favour of the quality of fish and aquatic plants that are sold by the company.

• A large choice of marine and tropical species from over 75 countries rigorously selected and acclimatized by our suppliers.

• Multilingual sales managers, competent and helpful, are available to all European clients to offer assistance before and after their orders.

• Efficient logistics which is structured around checking and following of deliveries all over Europe, up to the minute information on package follow-up and rapid delivery.


First and only European
acclimatisation centre
certified ISO 9001.


First and only European
acclimatisation centre
certified ISO 14001.


French acclimatisation centre
certified Marine Aquarium Council.

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